Saturday, January 21, 2006

free hoodoo rootwork love spells

I just took a look at my old blog, the very first one I put up. The
last post I made there has mad (for the ebonically challenged
mad means many) comments I hadn't seen before.
Most of them were from people who were looking for love spells
that had somehow come across the URL for that post.
Now posting love spells is pretty much the last thing I had in mind
when I started blogging. There are plenty of them online already
and they're easy enough to find, no?
But hey... since so many people asked about them I'm gonna
address the issue. But I'll address it the way I learned about it,
by talking 'bout how a man can defend himself against being
"tricked" (once again for the ebonically challenged - gettin' tricked
is what the men I grew up around called gettin' hoodooed by women).
The females can reverse-engineer from what I'm sayin'.
When I was a teenager I was taught the common female tricks and
how to avoid them.
First of all keep a close eye on a woman when she cooks for you.
Women will slip menstrual blood into your food as means to draw
you near and control you. Don't let a woman cut your hair.
Clean your comb and brush before you leave the house so a woman
can't get at you that way. Don't leave any finger or toe nail clippings
where a woman can find them and keep a close eye on
your dirty socks and underwear. All these things can be used by a woman
to tie you to her.
I was also taught to be aware of the cycles of the Moon when dealing
with women. A woman's power is strongest at the full Moon. This is also
the time she is most likely to have her period as well. It's when you're
most likely to get something put on you.
OK, so now the dudes who didn't know anything about how women "trick"
men are a little less likely to get got. And women who didn't know before
know now know some basic hoodoo trickin' tactics.
But there's a whole 'nuther side to this trickin' thing...

tune in for part 2


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